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Message from Management


In next financial year, the market keeps on changing and more uncertainties may arise. The Company is expected to face more complicated domestic and international environments and more competition pressure. Chairman of the board of directors of the Company (the “Chairman”) will take a leading role in guiding all staff walk towards our future with histories and visions. In order to enhance the governance of the Company from all aspects, the Company is expected to actively manage the existing investments for realising value preservation and appreciation, and continue to reinforce our existing businesses such as property and financial investment with the aim to achieve a turnaround from the loss. In order to enhance its business competitive capacities, the Company is expected to actively make improvements in the following aspects:


We are expected to optimize the structures of governance of the Company, and promote requirements on internal control and compliance for operating the Company in a more stable and standard manner, which is the foundation for increasing investors’ confidence in the Company’s future development.


We are expected to explore new opportunities for increasing the values of our existing assets. The Wuxi Shengye Project* (無錫盛業項目) of the Group, after more than two years of development and construction, is now presenting good sales performance in the market. Its apartments and commercial portions are expected to reward the Company with better investment returns and business reputation in the next financial year, owing to the efforts from our sales, business promotion and operating teams.


We are expected to rationally plan the future development strategies of the Company, and make all these be implemented gradually in the new financial year. By focusing on the two major business sectors (property and investment), the Company is expected to explore good projects and investment opportunities so as to improve its profitability.

The new financial year is expected to be a year of stable development for the Company. Chairman will take a leading role in guiding all staff walk towards the future with pragmatic and innovative spirits, hard work and cohesive power from all stakeholders. This could allow every employee of the Group to become a creator and contributor of profits, bringing the Company and all investors with better values.