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An Overview of BVI
  • An overseas territory of the UK
  • Airport located on Beef Island, connecting to Tortola (main island), served by 6 primary airlines with runway length of 4,700 feet. The airport receives 60-75 flights daily and is capable of accommodating regularly scheduled and chartered aircrafts
  • Legal System: English Common Law
  • Currency: US dollar

Opportunities on BVI Tourism
  • GDP = USD$916M (Nominal Value in 2011)
  • GDP per Capita: US$32,579 (Nominal Value in 2011)
  • Visitor Expenditure Per Capita: US$16,848
  • Total Visitor Arrivals: 831,434 [2011 Est.]
  • Cruise Ship Visitors: 493,661 [2011 Est.]
  • The US represents the key market for tourists to the BVI. The primary feeder markets to the BVI included:
    • United States: 65%
    • Europe: 25%
    • Others: 10%